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Updated interior structure models of Mars

Updated interior structure models of Mars from inversion of direct, reflected, and converted body waves

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Cecilia Durán, Amir Khan, Savas Ceylan, Géraldine Zenhäusern, Simon Stähler, John Clinton, Domenico Giardini
IPGP Data Center
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This dataset contains 1000 seismic models of Mars compatible with seismic travel times and converted seismic waves of high-quality marsquakes observed until October 2021. The employed data set and the inversion procedure are detailed in Duran et al.: Seismology on Mars: an analysis of direct, reflected and converted seismic body waves with implications for interior structure, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors. All model files are provided in the nd format compatible with Taup. For requirements of TauP, each model has a small inner core, which is not a result from the inversion. Lower mantle Vp structure is not constrained by seismic data since no P-related waves that travel through the deep mantle have been observed.
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