InSight Mission        
InSight Synthetic data -  Network 7J    
Owner C. Pardo - Mars SEIS Data Service    
Issue: 2    
Revision: 10    
Last Modification: September 13, 2016    
7J.SYNT1 summary info
Year of simulation 2019
Network code 7J
Station code SYNT1
Instrument code X
Channel codes BXN (north), BXE (east), BXZ (vertical)
Samples per second 20
Location codes 00: Thin crust, no noise
01: Thin crust, with noise
10: Thick crust, no noise
11: Thick crust, with noise
Model name* Model description Location code
C30VH-AKSNL-1s Thin crust (30 km), no noise 00
C30VH-AKSNL-1s Thin crust (30 km), with noise 01
C80VH-AKSNL-1s Thick crust (80 km), no noise 10
C80VH-AKSNL-1s Thick crust (80 km), with noise 11
* For the models used, refer to and