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Citation information

Citation when using SEIS Data

SEIS data must be cited as reference in the following way:

Citation in text :

InSight Mars SEIS Data Service. (2019). SEIS raw data, Insight Mission. IPGP, JPL, CNES, ETHZ, ICL, MPS, ISAE-Supaero, LPG, MFSC.

In addition an acknowledgement must also be provided to the SEIS operators as follows:

"We acknowledge NASA, CNES, their partner agencies and Institutions (UKSA, SSO, DLR, JPL, IPGP-CNRS, ETHZ, IC, MPS-MPG) and the flight operations team at JPL, SISMOC, MSDS, IRIS-DMC and PDS for providing SEED SEIS data."

Furthermore, the SEIS experiment paper (Lognonné et al., 2019) must be used as reference for describing the instrument, in addition to the SEIS team papers used by the user for the analysis. For a collection of SEIS papers, see Banerdt and Russel, 2017 and Banerdt and Russel, 2019.



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